Bug or Feature?

I noticed that the "Next’ and ‘Previous’ functions don’t work for media in the Audiobooks and Podcasts folders. Is this intentional or a bug? I can’t think of a useful reason for it, but who knows?

Update:Next and Previous do work, but it requires a very long press to activate. This means the track has to be paused since a long press during play will FF or RW. Once it does start to skip tracks it does so very quickly so it’s hard to skip just one track. 

Message Edited by Riolist on 04-13-2008 09:29 PM

Hi Riolist,

I beleive the ability to manually skip for audiobooks and podcasts is intentional (sansafix can verify if this is correct).

It will do an auto skip to next track if the playback reaches to the end of one track.

However, to be able to skip to the next audiobook or podcast when the audio is paused, I believe that is a bug. 


For Audiobook and Podcast content the intent is to avoid accidental skipping to the next book if the FF or REW is momentarily pressed.  Content providers Netlibrary and Audible require this.

To select a different Podcast or Audiobook,  press the down arrow,  select “Back to Audiobooks”  (or Podcasts),  and then select  a different track. 

Ahhh, I see, thanks. Now that I think about it it does make sense. If you skip to a different track it would be very difficult to find your place when you go back, since it would restart from the beginning.