Bug in 02.38.06?

I have 8GB internal + 32GB external and they are pretty much loaded with MP3s. I play the songs in “Shuffle/Repeat All” mode. Now if I do the following:

  1. start playing all songs in “Shuffle/Repeat All” mode
  2. go to top level menu and switch to radio
  3. start playing radio
  4. go back to top menu and go to “Music”
  5. press the center of the cross on the touchpad to get to “Artists”
  6. if it takes long enough (i.e. lots of songs in the Fuze+) you’ll notice that the moment “Artists” pops up the Fuze+ goes back to the Radio menu.

Mind you this also happens even if one pauses the Radio before step 4.

This is very annoying and I don’t recall it happening with the previous firmware.

Can anyone duplicate this?

Thanks, Nick

I remember having the same kind of issue with formmer firmware: Navigating was so slow that offen the screen was reseted before one could actually reach what he was looking for…

It might have been there before. I did not have many songs on before upgrading to the new firmware.

I found 3 bugs:

  • When one chosen the option time in 24H00 , It doesn’t display during the load in the starting up of the device (it is written in 12H00 with “pm”), then it display well in 24H00 after the starting up.

-When there is no album in all the song, the device create a false album in the “album page” with an image of a song

-some image don’t display, i look afetr an issue (I think I’m gonna rewrite the image with “paint”, the software of “windows”

Bug 4: I have desactivate in option menu the apparition of images, vidéo, bookmarks, to see just my songs and radio, but now I can’t see no more the capacity to communicate with the car that I sawn before in the menu … (do you understand ?)

Bug 5: the screen come black (economy) in 1 minute but I have put 5 minutes …