Buda Folder Appears???

When I use my USB on my LG Blu Ray player it creates a BUDA folder. It’s an empty folder with a date created 01/01/2010. Even if I delete it, it always comes back. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Probably want to check with LG. It’s the blu-ray player doing it.

You can just ignore it. Possibly just a glitch on LG. Maybe, the folder gets created when trying to read something on that drive.

Same thing happens to my 16gb usb all the time. Even if i delete it, it comes back. Its not a glitch with LG because ive tired it on other players aswell. I just want it permanently gone so it stops annoying me. 

This folder is created by the Blu-ray player. This BUDA folder is used to store BD-Live files. It will save the BD-Live information for faster use when accessed later.

Information regarding " BUDA" folder that appears on the USB storage media after connecting to the Home Theatre System. This folder is created by the Home Theatre System to store BD-Live content. It is safe to delete this folder but all previously downloaded BD-Live content will be deleted as well. Applicable Products.