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There is a bug in the firmware when you scroll by album there is a 2 second delay.  I have notice it in the previous firmware has anyone else notice this bug. Please reply

Message Edited by delonh24 on 04-19-2009 11:29 AM

A 2 second delay where?  

I just tried scrolling through the album list and didn’t see any delay.  I went under Music, Albums,  and started scrolling through the list.  No delay at all.

There is a short delay before it shows the album art (if you have this feature turned on), but that’s been explained before…   besides that I don’t see any “bugs”.   Please reply

Have you got album art?

And have you got Settings->System Settings->Display Art in Lists->ON

If so switch the ‘art in lists’ thing off & see if that helps.

If you enable the “album art in lists” feature and you have large album art it can really slow down browsing.  Try disabling it in the Settings menu.