Broken Somehow

I took my Fuze out of my pocket and discovered that the inside screen had broke.  I must stress that I did not drop or otherwise mishandle my Fuze. It was fine just a few hours ago.

The actual screen only has a few minor scratches - which existed before the device broke - but the actual screen has a huge black hole on the top-right of the screen with cracks eminating from it. Is it possible to have this repaired? Or do I have to buy another one?

nevermind, I fixed it. That was bizarre.

Cracks?  Fixed?  Bizarre for sure.  Just what happened?


how did you fix a crack on the lcd screen? That is bizzare

OK, I’m new here, so maybe I don’t understand the “Solved” part, but I too want to know how you “fixed” your screen when it was cracked.

Didn’t you ever read the Doctor Strange comic books? Guy can warp time and space, can probably fix an LCD too.

I “fixed” it (re: the situation) by buying another one.

My LCD on my old one is still broken and I still don’t know how it broke, hence the “bizzare” thing. I think I was in a rush when I wrote the second post. 

 If only I could bend space-time to fix my old Fuze!

I had grown fond of it, it’s why I bought a second one because they were moderately inexpensive at Best Buy ($80-$90?, I don’t have that reciept anymore).

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Ah, now that does make sense.

I use the same logic with mobile telephones.  Killer features may be nice, but the little thing is made to communicate via voice, and its strength should be exactly that: a good radio transceiver.

Forget the “service contract” and wincing every time the thing gets bumped- I prefer something solid and dependable.  The Fuze won’t flatten your wallet.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: