Broken screen display

Hi yall,

just like in topic my screen is damaged and I can’t see the menu so my question is: can someone please tell me what is the menu structure/menu tree because right now I’ve got one album on repeat and have no idea how to change it… 

Thanks in advance,


YMMV but, while my screen was going bad, it got dim and I could see it if I set it up the right way.

Two things: I got up early in the morning so my eyes were used to the dark.

Second: On mine the blue ring-light would come on every time I’d press a button. But when I had it plugged in and charging it wouldn’t do that. Without that bright light the menu was pretty easy to read (before it died completely.)

Mine is a Sansa Clip like one of the group of four on this page:

While the display was dying I took some notes on the menu tree, but they were focused on using the radio and recording the radio.

If your device looks like mine, reply and I’ll post the notes.

You may want to try the user manuals too, this might help you locate yours:

First of all thank you for your time to reply. Unfortunately my sandisk is from the group of three on your page so I don’t think they have got the same menu tree. Someone told me that his friend friend might got the same player as me and if that is true I might be able to solve my problem in the next few days.