Broken Sansa Fuze?

I have the 8b one and after I unplug it from my harddrive, it started to refresh my media, like always and I went to check my recently added musics. The did put the album art for the new songs as usual, but it didn’t appear, so I decided to turn off my Sansa and replug it back into my harddrive. But for some strange reason, it won’t connect and I tried to turn on my Sansa, but nothing is happening.

UPDATE: I blew into the plug holefor the USB connector, and it started up again, but is there anything I should be aware of for things like this to not happen again, cause I want to know if anyone else had a problem similar to this that I can avoid.

thnx in advance

Not really this is just a problem with computers and cords, you just goaat try to keep dust and lint and stuff from getting in there.