Broken e250... need help

My e250 screen is shot, crushed to be exact.  The device still turns on and everything but I cannot take my songs off of it and i do not have them on my new computer.  How can I extract my songs without having my screen?  The computer recognizes the device and whatnot but when i look at the file folders it has none for audio.  Thankyou!


How are you going to extract the files with your screen? You need to connect you player to your computer and transfer them to your computer for later transfer to whatever new player you get. You don’t need your LCD screen for that.

You may need to set Windows to “show hiddebn files and folders”. I believe the old e200 seires players had their Music folder hidden. Or if that’s not it, you’ll need to switch USB modes.

thats what i meant, i cant switch usb modes without the screen

Your player should already be set to the mode in which you transfered the files to it. So just connect it to your computer, open the player in Windows Explorer, and copy the files back to your computer.