Bring back the Clip+


> Playlists on the JAM and SPORT need to be M3U. The playlist must be in the same folder as the songs, so a playlist with songs from both card memory and internal memory won’t work.  (

What is this about?  The whole point of a playlist is so that you can create a one-stop shop for mp3s that might be located in different parts of the filesystem.

Why did you ditch the Clip+ ARM chipset?  I (and I think a lot of other people) wouldn’t have minded if the next incarnation of the Clip+ costed a little more, if sourcing cheaper parts was the issue.  This thing is just…useless.  I can’t even Rockbox it.

Speaking of Rockbox, have you ever bothered to communicate with the Rockbox community?  They’re probably your most loyal customer base for your mp3 players.  You’d do well to base your next version of the UI software with a slimmed down fork of Rockbox.

Apparently, it wasn’t SanDisk, but the chip manufacturer, who discontinued the chip.   :(    But whether a more up-to-the-task substitute chip could have been found is a separate issue.