brightness / Screen issues

Hi all, I have currently kind of troubles with using my brand new sansa 8gb.

First time when i got the stuff out of the box everything was fine, don’t remember exactly the firmware version but the device worked well. I Updated the firmware this week-end to the latest known (so the version before the current new one with replay gain blablabla). everything went fine 2-3 days until that when I switched it on yesterday, I don’t have any backlight working (but I can barely see that display is working. and then Time to time, I hve backlight working during something 5-10 sec and then go away again…

Yesterday evening I don’t know how I did, but after resetting it many times ( I didn’t even counted it…), the backlight is back to normal and the screen seems to work well, except that Brightness setting don’t seem to work anymore. I explain myself, whatever the setting you put for brightness, the display brightness seems to stay at the top even if the setting is set to low.

For information the latest forimware doesn’t solve the issue.

Thank you for your help

Could it be firmware or hardware related? Would I need to go back and see my dealer?(he didn’t have any other sansa 8gb in stock at the moment)

It sounds like a defect or some other malfunction. If you install the new Firmware and it doesnt change anything, try formatting the player from the Settings on the player. If still no change, take it back and try for a new one, and if thats not possible contact SanDisk about an RMA

Where I’m confused it is that the settings worked perfectly before and after applying firmwares updates and appeared suddenly without I crashed the device or anything :confused:

Something is corrupted somewhere. Thats why the New Firmware would be my first step. If it doesnt work My next step would be a format. Unless some wire inside the player is loose and the fuze cant send the signal to change the level, I have to believe it is a problem in the software or with a file.

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By format you mean reset settings to factory presets? Or format the memory card/contain of the music player?

If that’s you have in mind, I tried both the new firmware, reset to factory settings… No change.

Is a downgrade of the firwmare to a couple of versions below is possible?

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Ahum, one update, when using the “keyboard”, I.E the scrolling wheel, the “keys”… so when the wheel is backlighted with the blue LED, the displays is a bit less bright than when the scrolling wheel is not backlighted with the blue LED… It’s definitely strange

Ok, end of the story, I just figured out it’s indeed a hardware malfunction. Applying pressure anywhere else on the sansa body just with the fingers make the backlight switching on/off and dim.

I’ll go see my dealer and ask him replacement/refund (he had only one 8gb in stock and all the others were 4gb…)