Brand of the micro sd

Here in my country the gadgets and technology are too expensive, they offer me a micro sd card san disk of 8gb for $35 (class 2) and a micro sd card of 8gb Transcend (class 6) can you tell me what brand is better?

You come to a SanDisk sponsored forum and have the gall to ask that? :dizzy_face:

Hahah :dizzy_face: Will i be banned? Answer me please!

I tried to look into this issue last year, to see which manufacturers’ cards were “the best.”  It was a quagmire/a mess, with no clear-cut answers.  Most specifically, some manufacturers seemed to well exceed the card class specifications and requirements, and much moreso than other companies. 

One thing seemed to me to be the case:  SanDisk cards often seemed to excel in the tests, often moreso than cards from other companies.  (I’m not saying anything negative about any other cards–the research here seems to be fairly spotty and not definitive.) 

Given that and my having read in forums that at least 1 make of microSD card was found to be incompatible with the Clip, I thought it safest and best to go with SanDisk.  Otherwise and also, I would make sure that the card is returnable (and preferably from a local store, to save on return shipping costs), in case things don’t work out.

It’s hard to go wrong with a genuine SanDisk card, plus they have a 5-year warranty  :stuck_out_tongue:


Of course I prefer the Sandisk brand but I’ve tried several different brands (and classes) for my Fuse, Clip+, cell phone and GPS unit and frankly have not noticed any performance differences between brands when listening to mp3s.