Brand new user Vista?

I think I have an M260.

I took it out of the package stateside and am in Kuwait for two years.  I had planned to have my son help me learn the ropes, but VISTA on my new laptop did’t work.

  1. I have connected it to my laptop and tried the power.  It lights up for maybe two seconds - long enough to say it’s locked- Where do I go from here?

  2. What do I need to know regarding Vista and this equipment since the disk was incompatible.  My primary use would be Books on Tape.

Any help in this regard would be mightily appreciated.


theres a hold switch on top of the player, slide it so it doesnt show the orange. Thats the lock/hold switch. So that if its in your pocket while listening to books, no buttons will  be accidently pushed.

You dont really need anything from the CD, my suggestion for books is just make sure your in AutoDetect mode. You can check this on the player itself by going to settings>usb mode/mode and selecting AutoDetect, it should go back to the previous menu if you selected it correctly.

From here you should be good to go, hope your vista can detect mtp mode… some vista machines can’t (at least not at first)

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