Brand New Sansa Clip+ ? ... 1st Step: Remove Protective Strip Covering Screen

I couldn’t understand why the screen didn’t change at all when I plugged it into the computer etc.  Finally realized this morning that there was, duh, a sticker over it.  I peeled it off after reading your post and it is now showing it’s charging!


All you have to do is dress like this guy and you’ll no longer be a “wannabe”.  :wink:

Dood - you are not alone!  THANKS!

Indeed, you are not alone!

And no need to feel foolish. The protective cover looks like a menu option, complete with battery icon, and even lights up when connected to your computer. Your post helped me figure out that it was a cover, and needed to be peeled off. I was ready to send this back to Amazon!

Mags1230 is right, it should be made of clear plastic, or instructions given in the users manual telling you to remove it prior to plugging in your Clip+ for the first time.

I just bought a clip and was not sure if I should be removing a screen saver or if I would be destroying my new clip. Your post saved me a lot of hassle and doubt. Thanks!

:angry:   This is unbelievable!!!  I have spent the last 24 hours trying to figure out why the display on my new Sansa Clip doesn’t work. I am in process of sending it back to Amazon, NOW I READ THIS!!!  


I am sure you are not alone…  Going public with this on Amazon .

Thank you sooo much.   BN San Diego

With the greatest of respect:

I understand your frustration.  At the same time, it is not at all uncommon for a display of some type to have a clear protective film/plastic placed over it.  I guess that this thread indicates the wisdom, to SanDisk, of noting the protective screen protector in the user manual.  But I rarely have seen any manufacturer do so. 

double duhhh! I was close to jumping from the roof of my apartment complex. Thanks, owe you a cold beer.

It’s the simple things in life that get you down

Thanks, Finkster. I had the same stupid thing. Would be an idea for the SanDisk people ro put it in the manual. Would have saved me a lot of time.

God bless you, finkster! I was about ready to take my Sandisk back to the store until I found your posting!

What fun. Did the same, feel the same.  Thanks

You mean like this?


I thought the idea of the sticker was to show you what happens when the inevitable real freeze occurs!

Seriously - thank you - just got my new one going and was going crazy trying to get it to go to Home page etc.  Was getting REALLY frustrated.     Now it works just fine and dandy.  thank you thank you tank you

I am so glad for your post.  I was going nuts trying to figure out what was wrong with my new Sansa Clip, and after I read your post and took off the plastic cover, it was all good.  I was ready to return the stupid thing. Thanks again!


Nice to know I am in good company :smiley:…  

Didn’t get to jumping off the roof or anything… But just could not understand why pressing buttons got me no where…  I had not read instructions yet… Just punching buttons with curioisty of “What does this do?”  “what does this do?” I figured out I could turn on/off with top button, I could see the green light (behind the plastic taped display) Then   I was perplexed when no matter what button I pushed after that, it seemed it didn’t change a thing…

Isn’t it amazing what simple things can screw us up with tech.?   :wink:

Thank you so much!  If only I’d looked here first I would have saved hours of worry. 

BIG SUGGESTION - Sansa should say “Peel off the protective strip FIRST.”

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In the original Andromeda Strain movie a bunch of really smart people almost destroyed the world by overlooking a very simple obvious answer. I did the same thing with the protective tape over the screen on my new San Disk.  Why not just use a clear piece oc tape that could be left on the screen? Or would that be too smart?

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I think that, for consumer info. and marketing purposes, SanDisk prints info. on the protective strip, so that consumers can see what the screen will look like in operation.  I actually think that this is a good idea, but also think that SanDisk can include a pretty obvious pull-away tab to the screen protector, so that the protector’s removal is obvious.