Brand New Sansa Clip+ ? ... 1st Step: Remove Protective Strip Covering Screen

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The FM radio picked up a signal the first two days that I used it - now it doesn’t pick up any signals although the preloaded music still works. Is there a setting or antenna issue?

Put the protective screen-saver film back on.

Note that your headphone cable serves as the antenna–try extending it as fully as possible/in other directions. 

Have a look at the displayed frequency as well.  It’s possible that you may have changed the region setting in radio settings.  The frequency steps vary by area.  For example, the US uses odd frequency allocations in 200kHz steps.

This difference can be helpful, by the way, if you use the FM receiver for video sound broadcasts in fitness clubs.  I’ve seen that some clubs buy the transmitters via the internet, and end up with transmitters on the even steps.  If you use the Sansa as a receiver in this application, tweaking the region setting temporarily will allow you a clean signal.

Don’t forget to set it back to listen to local stations!

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A woman I worked with did the same thing this weekend with the new Clip+ I picked up for her.  She had boxed it up and was bringing it to me to look at when she realized there was sticker was on it.

It’s always amazing to me how our brains can just have a selective blondspot. 

It’s always amazing to me how our brains can just have a selective blindspot.

    >>>>> Miikerman said: It’s always amazing to me how our brains can just have a selective blindspot.

It certainly is a curious thing.

I failed to mention in my original post that I was confounded with the “frozen screen” issue for several hours , over the course of three days! Even though this is my first mp3 player, it’s certainly not my first experience with protective screen covers. I’ve had new digital cameras, alarm clocks, calculators, and other things that I instantly knew to peel-off the film. But for some reason, the one on the clip+ eluded me. Selective blindspot, indeed. I just wish I understood why and how it happens.

I guess this gives us a hint of how a duck must feel after courting a wooden decoy.

Come to think of it, her dad did come running with a shotgun too, didn’t he?  Hmmm, most curious.  I really can relate to Daffy’s predicament.

The protective film is specific to each player, a really close replica of the normal screen image.

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I had the same “frozen screen” issue and FINALLY happened to have the correct lighting to notice the screen cover.  It’s been a very frustrating beginning, needless to say.  And although I searched on every term I could come up with, I couldn’t find this thread.  (Of course, if I had thought of screen cover, I wouldn’t have needed it…)

Is there a way to somehow tag this thread, or create a sticky for other newbies who will run into the same problem?


Each time I read this thread or hear about someone going through the same thing, I can’t help but wonder why doesn’t Sandisk just leave the protective film clear without anything printed on it and then users can just leave it on as a screen protector?

Now I understand why some manfs., when using such a screen protector, have a small tab on the side of it that says, “Pull here.”   :slight_smile:

I couldn’t understand why the screen didn’t change at all when I plugged it into the computer etc.  Finally realized this morning that there was, duh, a sticker over it.  I peeled it off after reading your post and it is now showing it’s charging!


All you have to do is dress like this guy and you’ll no longer be a “wannabe”.  :wink:

Dood - you are not alone!  THANKS!

Indeed, you are not alone!

And no need to feel foolish. The protective cover looks like a menu option, complete with battery icon, and even lights up when connected to your computer. Your post helped me figure out that it was a cover, and needed to be peeled off. I was ready to send this back to Amazon!

Mags1230 is right, it should be made of clear plastic, or instructions given in the users manual telling you to remove it prior to plugging in your Clip+ for the first time.

I just bought a clip and was not sure if I should be removing a screen saver or if I would be destroying my new clip. Your post saved me a lot of hassle and doubt. Thanks!

:angry:   This is unbelievable!!!  I have spent the last 24 hours trying to figure out why the display on my new Sansa Clip doesn’t work. I am in process of sending it back to Amazon, NOW I READ THIS!!!  


I am sure you are not alone…  Going public with this on Amazon .

Thank you sooo much.   BN San Diego

With the greatest of respect:

I understand your frustration.  At the same time, it is not at all uncommon for a display of some type to have a clear protective film/plastic placed over it.  I guess that this thread indicates the wisdom, to SanDisk, of noting the protective screen protector in the user manual.  But I rarely have seen any manufacturer do so. 

double duhhh! I was close to jumping from the roof of my apartment complex. Thanks, owe you a cold beer.

It’s the simple things in life that get you down

Thanks, Finkster. I had the same stupid thing. Would be an idea for the SanDisk people ro put it in the manual. Would have saved me a lot of time.