Brand new fuze is froze on a white rectangle and it is not reading my usb port-Help


I just bought my daughter the fuze and it froze on us.  SHe is crying and I am desperate for help.  I took it off of the computer to play and when I turn it on the "sandisk"picture shows up but it is faded white.  I can’t do anything else.  I tried to put it back on connected to my computer with my usb port but it is not even reading that it is connected.  I tried to hold the power button for 20 seconds a few times and it still isn’t working.  There is no one to help b/c it is Christmas day so I am hoping someone sees this and can help me.



Restart your PC.Have the fuze plugged in when you restart. See if it shakes loose when the PC reloads the drivers. If it does reinstall the firmwire make sure you follow the instructions on listed on here

Did you charge it for a few hours first? Try connecting it to a USB port in the back of the computer if you connected it to a front one earlier. When you connect the player to the pc using a rear USB port, does the player show that it is connected? When the player is connected, do you see the battery icon blinking and the lightning bolt next to it, showing the battery is charging? Try connecting in MSC mode if connecting it to the rear USB port doesn’t work. Push the power button all the way down(to the locked position) then hold the center button while connecting the player to the pc. Keep holding the center button for several seconds, until the pc recognizes the player. If this doesn’t work, then try connecting the player to a different pc. If that doesn’t work, then there may be a problem with the player or the player’s cable.

First make sure the battery has enough of a charge(more than 50%) before attempting a firmware upgrade.

THanks for your suggestion.  I restarted the computer and it still did not recognized the usp port.  It recognized it earlier so I know that it is not that.  I think that b/c the fuze is frozen, it can’t read it.  Is there anyway that I can take out the battery and put it back in to restart it?



I charged the fuze earlier today on my usb port on the back of my computer.  Now, it doesn’t work.  I don’t have another computer but I can maybe go to the library tomorrow and see if that will help. 

THank you so much for your help.  I asked the other person who helped me if there is anyway that I can take out the battery to restart the fuze?  Do you know if that is possible?



No The battery is non removable let the battery die tonight and plug it in tomorrow and see if it works.

O.k.  I will keep it on tonight until the battery dies tonight.  I am willing to do anything b/c she was so excited to listen to it and to find out that she can’t is upsetting her. 

I really appreciate you helping me, I will let you know how it goes!


Ill be on most of the night let me know

Since the pc isn’t recognizing the player, I suggest you try this.

Once the player is recognized again, then you can try updating the firmware. After that, I hope it works well.

I tried that also and it said that all were o.k. and no exclamation point.  I think that the main thing is to unfreeze my fuze b/c until then, it will not read that the usb port is connected to anything but I do appreciate the advice.  Keep it coming!

So the Fuze is completely frozen? Not responsive at all, and the computer doesn’t recognize it either? How did this happen? What was the player doing when it happened? Did you put video on the player? If the player has a card installed did you remove it? If the player could be recognized by the pc, then you could format it or do a firmware upgrade. If the player can operate its menus, then you could format the player from the menu. You tried connecting the player with the power switch down(locked) and while holding the center button? This tries to connect the player in MSC mode, since the default is AUTO, which is usually MTP. Do you think the player could be totally out of power? The only other thing I can think of is that it is a hardware problem. Perhaps you should exchange it tomorrow?

Yep, frozen.  The battery is not out yet b/c it has been pulling up the “sandisk” logo but it is faded.  That is all that comes up and the only other thing that I can do is turn it off.  THe last thing that I was doing was taking it off of the computer.  I transfered some songs from my computer.  My daughter just opened it today.  I hope that I can return it b/c the package is torn from opening Christmas presents.  I was hoping that I can fix it without the hassle of bringing it back. 

It really scares me b/c it looks like no one has had a serious problem like this.



Try it on another machine since most of MP3 player problems root from the computer it connects, which may be too old or not support USB 2.0 well.

I am a happy user and really want to help and hope to see the smiling face of your daughter.

Merry Christmas.

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Thanks for being so helpful and kind.  I will go to my local library or a friends house to try it on another computer tomorrow.  If that doesn’t work then I guess that I will have to bring it back to circuit city to see if they can exchange it.

Misty -

I know this is late and you may have already solved the issue, but did you try resetting the device? I looked through all the posts in this thread and saw no one really suggested this simple procedure. It should be the very 1st thing you try whenever anything goes wrong or the unit acts out of the oridinary.

Slide the spring-loaded power button on the side up and hold it there for 15 - 20 seconds until the device turns off. Release and then slide it up again momentarily to turn it on. With any luck, it will start up normally.

Sorry to hear about your daughter. Christmas day is such a bummer when the kid’s toys/presents don’t work the way they’re supposed to. It should be one of the happiest days in a child’s life, but something like this causes it to be one of the saddest. Luckily, they are easily distracted to something else (like another present). :wink:

Tapeworm, I don’t know if your post helped the original poster, but it sure helped me & my son!  Thanks so much for taking the time!