Brand new Express won't start

I bought a Sansa c250 a few years ago and should have learned my lesson because it took me DAYS to get it to work - but ever since, no problems.  So I bought an Express as a gift for someone else and thought I’d get it all ready to go.  I can load music, rename the device, all sorts of stuff while it’s plugged into the computer.

But it refuses to turn on.

I’ve tried everything.  I’ve updated firmware.  I’ve inserted a Micro SD card.  I’ve tried it in five different machines.  It will EITHER say “Battery charging” OR flash the dog logo with “Charged” and a battery icon that grows with each flash (so I’m not even sure what it’s supposed to look like while charging), but if I right-click and view properties, it always says battery power is at 0%, even when left in all day.  All my machines are running Windows XP SP 2 and don’t know anyone with any other OS.  Does this device truly not charge from 0% battery on a Windows XP machine?  It doesn’t even look like I can buy a wall USB charger since the advice here is to turn it on before plugging it in, and I can’t do that.  I don’t even KNOW if this device is capable of turning on!

I’ve called support, which only told me to try a hard reset, then told me to return it to the retailer.  The retailer says he doesn’t honor manufacturer warranties, and to return it to Sansa.  The support tech didn’t even seem to realize anyone had issues with charging - as is obvious from these forums. 

Since neither Sansa nor the retailer will validate the warranty on this new product, and I can’t charge it in a 2.0 USB port on any Windows XP computer, I’m thinking I’m just screwed.

If ANYONE can offer ANY help before I toss it in the garbage and buy another brand, I’d appreciate it.

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You can try this and if same thing happen call Tech support and if you device is not refurbished on recondition and with no physical damaged they should warrant your replacement :wink: 

You can also check this thread; :wink: