braces in ogg tags result in player crash


My Clip+ doesn’t rescan the music folders completely and freezes if there’s a ogg/vorbis file with braces

in a  vorbis comment (like the title). If i remove the braces, everything’s fine. 

Is this bug known and/or fixed somewhere? 


Edit: Wow, it gets better. It’s nearly every character except for “#”, “-”, [a-z], [0-9] that makes my clip freeze while rescanning. 

Edit#2: It seems that tags which are unknown to the clip cause a freeze, too (barcode comment caused freeze)

Edit#3: Ok, ok, it’s just the unknown tag which causes trouble. The braces have nothing to do with the freeze… 

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I just ran into the same problem with my clip+. But it wasn’t limited to the barcode comment. I’m using musicbrainz picard to tag my vorbis files. I guess this application does something nifty to the files which makes them unusable for the clip+. I’ll look into this issue again tommorow. I’m pretty sure that there is a way to “fix” the files using the vorbis-tools.

You’re right, the tag has nothing to do with it.

It seems that a “refresh” with vorbiscomment (a tool in vorbis-tools) helps.

Just rewrite the comment with the following call:

vorbiscomment -l foo.ogg \> tagsvorbiscomment -c tags -w foo.ogg

 If you’re on linux you could easily run the following command to fix your music collection:

find /path/to/collection -type f -name "\*.ogg" | while read file; do TMP=`mktmp -p /tmp/ vc.XXXXX`; vorbiscomment -l "$file" \> $TMP && vorbiscomment -c $TMP -w "$file"; rm $TMP; done

 Wrote this one from scratch so no guarantee it’ll work but it looks good.