Boy I wasted my money on this

I am usually happy with SanDisk products, but this was an absolute waste. Push a button an there is an indeterminate amount of time before something or nothing happens. Try to find your way around in a book or talk, I could’t accomplish this task. I should have used the two twenties to light a fire, I would have had more enjoyment. Does not work! Now what? I don’t do Apple. erg. What say you SanDisk or Sansa? Max

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They dont care, about customer. I already return my item…I’ll buy from another company.

The Clip+ or Clip Zip may be more to your liking and/or needs.

Too bad I can’t try it out before buying.  Seems to me the device should respond quickly to an interaction.  I can use my phone but I listen to podcasts and I don’t like tine interruptions by the notifications.  But even though I use a Moto X the notifications cxuse the podcast to stutter.  So I thought of carrying a smaller deducated device.