bought generic charger but not working

Hi everyone. I bought a generic charger for my Fuze and it just says “connecting” when I plug it in instead of showing that it is charging. I left it plugged in for hours and it barely charged. What could be the problem? Thanks for your help.

Are you using the Fuze USB cable?


are you using the maximo branded charger/usb cable?? the one that plugs into the wall or the car cigarette lighter? I have that and I have no problems.

Did you make sure it was rated for the fuze? You need to make sure that it is and the manufacturer specifies that it is. If it is not it might not be getting it enough juice, or worse, can brick your player. Please be careful of ‘generic’ chargers. I had one for a cellphone and it never worked.

Hope this helps.

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Check the current output of the device. Should be at least 500mA at 5volt. 1Amp (1000mA) chargers work very well. Chargers under 500mA output may be trouble.