Both of my Sansa Clips are "out of tune"

So I’m playing along with music I have on my 4GB Silver Clip when I notice something doesn’t sound right.  My guitar was in tune, so I used the mic on my chromatic tuner on the music coming out of the sansa, which I ran through a boombox w/ a aux input jack.  Turns out that the output of the Clip is tuned slightly flat.  The tuner is set to 440Hz, but the output of the clip is slightly flat unless you calibrate the tuner to 435Hz.  I tuned my guitar accordingly, and only then did it sound right when played alongside the music coming out of the Clip.  The same situation applies to my 2GB Black Clip too.

Both clips are V02.01.16A and are on Auto Detect USB mode.

I’ve eliminated the possibility that its due to either the boombox or the audio cable connecting to it.  Any idea what the problem could be?

Search around. It’s a known issue, but there’s no firmware fix for it yet. They’ve corrected it in the Fuze with the last fw update.