booting from sd card problem

I have a SanDisk 64 MB SD Card here. I also have some experience with installing operating systems and booting special devices such as USB-sticks. My bios supports booting from any USB device (extra options for usb hd, usb fd, card reader).

Normally I use the hp format utility drive key, format the device and get an bootable usb device.

For the card reader with the SanDisk this is somehow not working. Does ScanDisk have their own tool for creating bootable disks?

Or is USB booting not supported with ScanDisk SD Cards?


i recall reading that they only support bootable drives on there OEM / industrial cards.

So they should have there own boot tool, but i doubt they will just send it out to anyone who doesn’t have the right card.

The card would have to be repartioned as a Fixed Disk instead of a Removable Disk.  SanDisk does not support repationing the non industrial cards.