Boolmarking on Sansa Clip

**Here is a lot that I have learned about bookmarking on the Sansa Clip.  Everything works wonderfully with the firmware release 1.01.30  !!!


Bookmarking is very important since it allows one to return to the point where one stopped when last listening to the book.  Books are stored in the Music menu tab (other tabs are FM, Voice, Settings).  A book is often stored in 8 to 10 “Parts”, each one of which can be over an hour long.  Without bookmarks, finding one’s place is quite tedious (even if one has manually made a note of the exact time of the ending point as shown on the MP-3 before turning off or switching functions).  In order for a bookmark to work correctly, the Sansa Clip has to know the relevant item stored is a book or podcast rather than music.  This is done by specifying the genre correctly before downloading the book to the MP-3.


The MP-3 has basic bookmarking but some proper preparation is required when downloading books or podcasts.

Ø      It will return to the same point when turned off and on.

[Turn off when on FM, it will be on the same station when turned back on.  Turn off when on music and it will be playing at the same point in the same song when turned back on.  Turn off when listening to an audiobook, and it will be playing at the same point in the same book when turned back on.]

Ø      It will also return to the same point when switching from the Music tab to the FM tab and vice versa.

[If you switch from music to FM and back to music, there will be the option to Play Previous; select this and the song or book will resume at point when one switched to FM.  This is true even if one turns off the MP-3 while in FM.]

Ø      It will NOT bookmark within Music (unless genre is correct)

[If you switch between songs or from a book to a song and then back to the book, the book will revert to the beginning (of that “Part”) unless the book has the correct genre.]


To ensure that a bookmark stays in intact when switching from a book to a song, it is necessary before downloading the book to the MP-3 to set the genre correctly in Windows Media Player (or comparable media software that is used for downloads).  Go to Library, Songs, and the particular item – then highlight the genre(which shows as rock, jazz, blues, etc). and write in “audiobook” or “podcast”.  When so specified, the book files are segregated and the bookmarks will be retained.  These bookmarks stay in place even when switching between books in audiobooks and within all Part of an audiobook (which is not the case when switching between Songs).


Ø      When shifting out of an audiobook and then returning, one will have the choice of Play Previous (or Resume Playback vs Start From the Beginning).  Pick Play Previous (or Resume Playback).  Hit either Select (center button) or   >>l (forward key).

DANGER:  Note that when the audiobook is playing, hitting the   l<< key takes one back to the beginning of the Part and hitting is again soon after takes one to the previous Part.  Hitting  the  >>l key takes one to the next Part.  Bookmarks are then LOST.   If one wants to go back or forward, be sure to hold the  l<<  or >>l  buttons down, which will begin with a slow speed and gradually increase the scrolling speed.**