books and music together - am I doing it right?

There is so much rich info in this community but almost too much.  I this q and a is out there already, I apologize and hope someone would point me.

I have a new Clip+ which I want to use for books and for music.  I have both loaded via drag and drop (MSC mode).  I put the books in the audio book folder and they all have the genre of ‘audiobook’. (And there is a playlist for each.)  The music has mostly no genre and is all in the music folder. (no playlists)

I want to  listen to my book without losing my place but sometimes flip over and listen to music.  

If I select Music>play all, I would expect to get music but I get book tracks mixed in.  Is there a way to tell it to ‘just play music but pick whatever tracks you want’ and leave the books alone?

ALSO, I’ve been trying various things and now I think there is some kind of database mixup.  Is there a way to tell it to ‘forget what I did before and let’s start fresh’ without doing a manual factory reset which, I assume, will wipe out all of my stuff and I’ll have to reload, yes?

Thanks in advance! 

“I want to listen to my book without losing my place but sometimes flip over and listen to music”

That is a problem that I ran into. If the books are properly tagged, then the player will remember which audiobook file was playing last after you play some music files and turn off the player. If the books aren’t tagged though, and you are playing them thriugh folder mode, then it won’t remember which audiobook file was playing last(and to restore the browsing by folder mode) if you play some music then turn the player off. I wish Sandisk would fix this. A return to audiobbok or return to podcast menu choice could restore the play mode and the file playing when an audiobook file or podcast file was last played.

If you use MTP mode you can put all files (music, podcasts, audiobooks) in the MUSIC directory as long as the genres (podcast or audiobook) are tagged properly they will show up on the Clip+ under the appropriate selection.

If you use MSC mode, genres don’t need to be tagged, but the files need to be in the appropriate directory (music, podcasts, audiobooks).

Either of these methods will let you listen to multiple podcasts or audiobooks and be able to come back to each one and resume where you left off.  This will work if you turn the player off or if you decided to listen to some music (or any other file) and then come back to a podcast or audiobook.  You will also be able to resume the last music file you were listening to.

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Oh, my ytsejam1138, that is a crystal clear answer! Thank you so much!!