I want to play recorded talk shows.

How can I bookmark them. 

Do I have to convert them another format, they are currently mp3s.

No. You need to edit the Tags to do this. If you make the genre “Podcast” or “audiobook” or (If I remember Correctly) “Speech”, then you can do this. If you are unfamiliar with Tags, I would suggest 2 things:

  1. Do a Google Search of Mp3 Tags and read a little bit about them

  2. Download Mp3tag. This is a program that makes editing and changing tags very easy. 

I do the same thing, listen to talk show podcasts, and the Fuze is pretty good at bookmarking them.

I agree with what Conversionbox wrote about becoming familiar with tags and how to manipulate them. I recommend a freeware program called Mp3tag. A web search will find it.

That said, I just drag my talk show podcasts into the already existing ‘podcast’ directory on the Fuze and play them. When there are multiple files Fuze bookmarks the file I’m playing when I stop playing it, like if I switch over to FM radio or music or I just turn off the Fuze. When I go back to the ‘podcast’ directory the file I was listening to is highlighted. I select it and I’m asked to resume where I left off or start again from the beginning of the file. I don’t know if tags actually matter for that. Some of the podcasts I get don’t have any tags but they seem to bookmark ok.

I have the Fuze in ‘MSC’ mode.

The only thing thing missing with the bookmarking feature really is there is no master list of bookmarks to select from. I listen to recorded university lectures and audio books too so it would be nice to have a menu feature with recent bookmarks to select from. The bookmarking is good though, even without that.

I have only had the Fuze for few days so I can’t call myself an expert yet. Your mileage may vary. Good luck.

I saved 4 or 5 mp3 radio shows in the audiobook folder and listened to each for a few minutes.

I thought that when I reurned I would only have a resume on the last one played, but each one gave me a resume option.

While it isn’t a bookmark it does serve my purpose very well.

I have had 3 or 4 mp3 players over the years, but became frustrated because of the confusion with the various controls and not being able to resume where I had left off.

This Fuze seems ideal for my use, very intuitive, so a manual and instructor won’t be required if I don’t use it for a while.

I can even use this one in the dark.

Try putting the files in the ‘Podcasts’ directory. When you return after having played a file before it should be highlighted.