The new Fuze has bookmarking. Two folders, Audiobooks and Podcasts, can contain any playable file type (.AA, .mp3, .wma). Upon exit each file is automatically bookmarked. The next time that file is started a popup asks if you want to continue where you left off or start from the beginning. It’s a great system. i like that you don’t have to worry about setting a bookmark because it’s automatic, but that also means you can’t set multiple bookmarks in a single file or set a bookmark and continue listening, but overall it’s an excellent system that completely eliminates the hassle of listening to audiobooks that most players have.

Oh I forgot to add, if you tag the file as ‘audiobook’ or ‘podcast’ it doesn’t have to be in those two folders, it can be anywhere and it will be bookmarked, but as long as file it placed in those two folders it doesn’t have to specially tagged in order to be bookmarked.  

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Include me in the group voting to have bookmarks added.

My attitude about bookmarking is that it’s a MUST, not just nice and optional.  I have an E280 player.  Unfortunately, I bought it last November at Costco, and hadn’t had a chance to play with audiobooks until yesterday.  Had I tried audiobooks within the Costco return period, I’d have returned the player, since I bought the player for audiobooks.  The lack of bookmarks, coupled with the really klunky FF and RW (even with the latest firmware) make the player all but unusable for audio books.

If Sansa wants to give me a free upgrade to a Fuze, that would be fine.  However, there’s no way in heck I would reward their klunky implementation of audiobook play with any more of my money.  When I get too frustrated with this player, I’ll buy someone else’s.  Creative has several devices that offer bookmarking.

Yes, I’m frustrated.  I spent three hours upgrading firmware and figuring out the glitches from that, figuring out how to play files without the stutter-stepping, figuring out how to get the FF/RW to not snap back to the beginning or the end of my TEN HOUR recording.  It’s time I’ll never get back.

what is bookmarking?

Count my vote too!

An essential feature! 

Please include a more useful bookmark feature, Sandisk ! As mentioned, the bookmark should not only work within one file, but also remember the file. This would be a huge improvement for audiobooks.

This could work like this: When selecting Audiobook, the player should either ask if it should resume the previous FILE/position. Or simply continue playing, where you left. 
It would be perfect if this also would work after syncing in Mass Storage mode :slight_smile:

Its improved in the last Fuze release.

You can move away from bookmarking if you save these audio books as Podcast genre. See the end of this forum for more details.



PLEASE add bookmarking to the Sansa View.  Since I bought it specifically to listen to 15 hour books downloaded from my public library, my View is WORTHLESS without it.  It never occurred to me to ask if it had the feature.  Do they sell a car that you cannot “park” and then get back in and resume driving???  Compounding the lack of bookmarking is the snail speed of “fast” forward.  It is virtually impossible to find where you left off after listening tot he book for the first 8 hours.   I am NEVER going to get to the end of this book!   Disappointed doesn’t BEGIN to describe my feelings toward my Sansa View.  I HATE IT!!!


Please could you add my name too.  I had a creative zen which packed up but saved where you were last time and allowed bookmarks - super for those who listen in bed and who want to save their place.  I too wouldn’t now recommend a sandisk without it and may at some stage give in and get an ipod.  Can’t even find a decent clip on case for the thing.  The only reason I don’t get rid now is that it was a present from husband and don’t want to be ungrateful.

Further to above, I’ve just noticed that this thread has run for nearly two years.  Not an answer from Sansa

I think Sandisk has moved away for the View. I don’t see them advertised anymore.

I also could not find a clip for my View until I went to Ebay, so you might want to try that.


@bonnie wrote:

PLEASE add bookmarking to the Sansa View.  Since I bought it specifically to listen to 15 hour books downloaded from my public library, my View is WORTHLESS without it.


Good luck, since the last firmware update for the View was over a year ago! It hasn’t been ‘officially’ called discontinued, but I don’t think anyone needs a drill-press to fall on their head to figure this one out.

Remember, the View is primarily a portable video player that also plays music files (in your case audio books).

The other players (Fuze & the also discontinued e200 series) are audio players that just happen to play videos.

And judging by the comments & posts in the View board here, it’s pretty much WORTHLESS with or without the bookmarking feature.

In that case they might just as well not have bothered making it audible compatible