This seems like such a simple thing to add to the firmware on the e250: Bookmarking. I use my MP3 player mostly for longer podcasts and audio books on roadtrips and exercising. Sometimes I like to switch around before finishing one but want to get back into it. Please please please can we get some support for bookmarking? This feature is pointing me to an ipod at this point

I download audiobooks from netlibrary and they are very large files. A bookmarking option would be great.  Without this you just have to shut off the unit and it continues where you left off but you can’t do anything else without losing your place. It is very frustrating.



I am hoping Sandisk is addressing the issue of tha lack of bookmarking on all players. 

True Bookmarking of long files would give Sandisk a much sought after feature.  Many people have returned their Sandisk players in favor of the Creative Zen V because of similar size capacity and the ability to place up to 10 bookmarks within different files…  Bookmarks that allow the user to return to any one of the 10 Bookmarks they have set in any of the files on the player.

As I have posted elsewhere, I also add my voice for bookmarking!

yup i can’t even plug in to PC without loosing my place

Bookmarking would be wonderful on all the players.  I’ve got a sansa clip though if you’re looking for one to do first :slight_smile:

I posted about this elsewhere also, but I want to put my vote in on this thread.

Bookmarking is sorely needed in all Sansa players.  Listening to podcasts or audiobooks (both long by nature) is annoying when you loose your place.  Which happens often due to random Database Refreshes.



Yes you got to have BOOKMARKING! I bought the View for music, but now have found myself using it for Audio Books and you need bookmarking for that. I’ve got one book that is 16hrs!!!

To be honest I can’t believe these products don’t al;ready have this feature…Not Rocket Science!


From another forum:

Well I have a few Audio Books and as they are mp3 files they reside in the music folder. The killer is, is that in the music folder there are no book marks or chapter forwarding methods. Now if you have a 2hr book and you are 1 hr into it and you stop, then when you restart you have to fast forward the whole 1st hour!! This is a real pain! What happens if you have a 16hr book???

If anyone finds a way around this let me know.

To get the books into the “Audio books” dir they have to be an “aa” file extension which means they can only come from  If I wanted this kind of exclusive partnership crap forcing me to go with a specific company, I would have bought an ipod!. 

I also DESPERATELY need bookmarking.  I’m speaking for two e250 owners.

I want this also!!!  please please please… Im so not above begging here… If this isnt possible… could you at least make it possible to reverse from one song back into the next… my original sansa 100 series let me do that… when I only had 10 minutes left to a podcast… I could go to the next one in line… and just reverse backwards… to where I needed to be… without having to fast forward thru the whole 90 minutes… 

But really… I vote for the Bookmarking!!! 

please add a bookmarking function to theclip; my wife would like it very much, thank you.

I’m adding another plea for bookmarking.  I love my e280 but the lack of a bookmarking feature is a serious flaw.  I wrote to Sansa’ Customer Service about it and got no reply.  How can we get Sansa’s attention?  Go on Amazon and other online retailers and write negative reviews?  Well maybe not negative reviews because Sansa’s mp3 players are good in many ways.  But perhaps adding comments like: “Great mp3 player but DO NOT buy it expecting to listen to books.  A lack of a bookmarking function makes audiobook listening very difficult.”

Could Sansa at least tell us they’re working on correcting the lack of a bookmarking function–or not.  If not I’ll need to replace my new Sansa View with something that offers that feature…suggestions, anyone?

I, too, cast my vote in favor of bookmarking on my e280v2.  I only need one active bookmark and I’ll be happy with that.  Here’s how I’d like to see it implemented: when I press pause instead of just pressing and releasing I’ll hold the pause button down for a couple seconds.  When the bookmark has been accepted I will hear an audible beep through my headphones to confirm.  Now I can listen to a different music file or to the radio and when I go back to my bookmarked file it will play from the bookmarked location rather than from the beginning of the file.

I was very disappointed to discover my new sansa view cant do this.  And the fast forward/rewind for mp3s needs to be much improved too.  Try fast forwarding to the end of an hour long chapter, which Im forced to do with no bookmarks!

Does Sansa even read this forum or are we just wasting our breath here?

It would be nice to be able to bookmark podcasts on my Clip!!  :smileyvery-happy:

Please add my vote for bookmarking. I’m going to Amazon now and writing a review mentioning this serious deficiency.

I agree wholeheartedly with this request.  Please, please, please!

Another vote for bookmarking.

And yea, it would be nice if Sansa had a person replying in these forums.