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Is there a way to bookmark an ebook? The ones I have downloaded were one multi hour track for the entire book.  If I take a break and go to music, I have to start over on the book and scrolling through several hours is very slow to get back to my place in the book.  I have the e260.  Thanks.

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The E200 Series does not have a bookmark feature, however when the song is being played you can pause the book, and then turn off the player.  When you turn it back on, it will take you back to the exact spot you left off.

Please note, If you pause the song, and browse videos, pictures, etc, the player will not resume your song.

Thanks for the info, Baggage.  I was afraid that might be the case.  I guess I’ll forget downloading ebooks and stick to ripping cd’s from the public library. At least then the disc and track numbers are available to help you zero in on your previous place.

You can also Edit the Audio book and divide it into 10 minute sections or in chapter using a Audio editor and create MP3 files. Once you got the audio book into digital format you can create a playlist in WMP11 and sync the entire book into manageable sections to enjoy it with out starting the entire book every time.

Yes you can edit them as long as they are not protected. I listen to audio books on my e 260 all the time and download from the e library. These too come in one multi hour track. They are however protected and so once I start a book I have to stick with it until it’s over.

I am in exactly the same situation. I listen to Audiobooks from the library and have taken out the CDs and copied them to my mp3 player - lots of overdue fines. Now I can download them as you said, free of charge with a wider array of books to choose from, but they are all WMA files with DRM protection, and are one large file rather than a series of tracks. These books are why I bought the E280. Inevitabley somehow my E280 loses track of what it is doing and I have to spend 10 minutes getting back to my spot. Bookmarks are very important. With all these features I want to be able to skip around some. Might a Bookmarking feature be part of a future Firmware Upgrade?

You might want to check out Rockbox, that allows you to bookmark ebooks :slight_smile:

Oh, btw, rockbox voids your warranty.

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I have been attempting to download Eaudio books from my library…but am having no success.  Can you give me any tips?