BMC Rider in TdF Run Over By Doctor's Car!

Does anyone else find this the least bit ironic? :confounded:–spt.html

Michael Schar seems to have my kind of luck.  Kind of ironic that he has a collision with the Tour Doctor’s car, isn’t it?

Today’s stage 17 winner of the maillot sanglante goes to Chris Anker Sorensen of team Saxo Bank. Sorry, that’s now amended to include Tinkoff Bank this year.

Earlier in the stage, Chris had some newspaper jam in his front wheel. While trying to remove the offending paper, he caught his left hand in the rotating spokes, making a real mess of two fingers. It looks like he will be needing some surgery, including a skin graft.  Chris continued the stage, with blood on the handlebars and his left leg, a grueling experience at the least.

Aero spokes are quite popular as of late, rather than round conventionl spokes. These little guys are essentially spinning knives.

I have my fingers crossed (no pun intended) that Chris is able to continue in a few hours. It’s almost 10:00 in France right now.  My schedule is seriously messed up during the Tour every July, matching a ten-hour time change (GMT+2), and balancing “the real world” here in PST (GMT-8). There isn’t much sleep in that equation. As soon as the stage reaches the finish, I’m back on the bike!  Gotta love it.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Although a long way from the green jersey this year, the man from the Isle of Mann, Mark Cavendish finally got his 2nd stage win today in spectacular and his typical “which-way-did-he-go-George?” fashion, tying Lance Armstrong at 22 career Tour stage wins.

Meanwhile, Belgian rider Philippe Gilbert (also coincidentally on the BMC team) crys, “Who Let The Dawgs Out?” when he has a close encounter with one he says was more the size of a pony!


It would be interesting if he would ever in the same shape after being treated.