Blurry Photos

My jpeg pictures look good on the computer, but blurry on the Fuze. How can I make them better.

hi tweet, what are the orignal resolution size of your photos before they go on your fuze? also do you use the sansa media converter?

Thoma; Thank you for your answer. 

I am trying to help a friend who took pictures with a Nokia digital camera. The pictures look fine on the camera.

He is using the Sansa Media Convertor by Intervideo from the SanDisk web site.

I do not know the original resolusion size. I am looking for general information like what resolution size can give a good result on the player. 

hmm if its from camera to fuze, I think it should be alright since the resolutions aren’t that far apart, unless his nokia is the N95!!!  (that’s a 5megapixel!

But I’m wondering if the pictures are blurry because they are from your friend’s phone (phone camera lens are not that good). Depending on the phone, the pictures may be originally blurry, even though they look good on the phone.

Another possible answer is that the resolution of the original picture is smaller than the fuze’s.  if that’s the case, than SMC would be enlarging it to fit the fuze’s screen, and interpolation could be taking place, which would make the photos blurrier than the original.

But try this: If the file from his phone (jpeg/jpg only works) is less than 800kb in size, try drag and dropping into the photo folder (skipping the Sansa media convertor).  And than check out how it looks on the fuze.

hope that helps.