bluetooth will not connect with new Amazon Tap

I have a new Amazon Tap that I am trying to pair with the sandisk clip sport plus.

I have updated the clip plus firmware to 2.02.  

From the bluetooth menu:

Click on Bluetooth tile 

Click bluetooth “on”

Click Search devices

Clip Plus finds 84:d6:d0:e1:d8.f9 (the Amazon Tap)

I highlight and click 84:d6:…

after a minute or so it results in “Connection Failed:  Retry or Cancel”

Click retry

Same result.

Clip Plus finds and connects without problem to my Bose Color Soundlink.

Any suggestions?

Here is one idea to try. (I have the Amazon Echo, but not a CS+.)

   Use a PC (or Mac) connected to the same WiFi as your Tap.

   Then navigate to this webpage on the Amazon site:

   Click on the name of your Tap.

   Click on Bluetooth

   Click on the [Pairing Mode] command button.

   Then try to connect with your CS+.

And, here is a link to the Amazon Help Page for Tap <-> Bluetooth