blue ring


bought two for my kidsa week ago.  they love it.  loaded music videos, dvd movies and its been great.  yesterday one of the fuze froze with a blue ring.  power cycling did not help, but pushing the home button helped recovered.  not sure if it was a combination of buttons that did it because I pushed all the buttons.  

anyone else having this problem.  I am thinking about returning it a getting a replacement.  Hope this is not a quality issue.


Sounds like the device simply froze.  On the earlier e200 devices, a soft reset  is performed by holding the menu / power button for about 10-15 seconds.  This is changed for the Fuze, as it’s the power switch slider on the side of the device now, held in the ON position.

Occasional freezes will happen, sometimes from a problem with the music file, and sometimes if a key is pressed just at the wrong moment, as when the Fuze is loading a new file.

Bob  :wink:

I experianced the same thing with a music video recently, The home button “Shook it loose” but I still did a reboot (Like bob Said) afterward. Truth be told no matter what goes awry on the fuze try the reboot first it usually does the trick.

Thx Folks…I’ll keep and eye on it.  DOn’t want to return…too much work :))