blue ring and nothing on the screen

i bought my sansa fuze today and when i turn it on, the only thing that happens is the blue ring lights up, but the screen doesnt do anything. i charged it and nothing seems to work. please help!

Slide the power switch up and hold it for 15-20 seconds.

Since you said you just got it today…

If the reset method Conversionbox mentioned does not get it to work, then it is possible that there is a problem with the display screen or some other defect in the electronics. Like everything else mass produced these days, every once in a while a bad one will make it out of the factory.

So, since it is brand new, if the reset does not bring it to life then you should be able to return/exchange it for another new one that (hopefully) does work. It’s unfortunate that some small percent of defective devices make it out to the stores, but sometimes you just have to return/exchange things to get a good one.

There are actually a few other things you can try before you return it. The soft reset usually solves this problem but if not then plug it in to the computer and see if it is recognized. If not take it back if it is update the fireware and see if that helps.

somehow i got the screen to work, but it is very dim and whenever i hit any buttons it goes dark, i went to the settings menu and turned it up as bright as it will go but it is very hard to see 

Well the blue ring bit made me smile ,I’m sure theres a cream for it.  :stuck_out_tongue:

But as has been mentioned if a reset or firmware update doesn’t cure the problem ,then I would return it to place of purchase for a replacement ,especialy as its only 24 hours old.