Blinking display - Not recognized on pc, unable to play songs

The clip (not +) will only blink the Sansa display over and over. I can turn it off, and I’ve tried the hard reset and the hold + center button while plugged in suggestions here in the forums and nothing happens. My pc won’t recognize it so I can’t update the firmware. I have a Vista pc that has recognized it fine before now, but since it started blinking it’s no longer recognized on any of my pcs. I have scoured the other posts and didn’t see anything quite like this listed, but I’m hoping someone has heard of this or can suggest something. I’ve emailed Sandisk support as well, and will post any solutions they provide if no one else can help.

The display blinks when I turn it on or plug it in… the buttons and display (says ‘Sansa’ only) just light up, go off, light up, etc.

Haven’t seen or heard this one before, but it doesn’t sound good. If it’s still under warranty, maybe SanDisk will replace it with one of the newer Clip+'s.