when are we getting the newest firmware upgrade? i was hearing something around january but it’d be nice if we could get a vague window of opportunity for this awesome piece of ware to come out. thanks sandisk.

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Were you looking in a mirror when you typed this?

no, not really. i was responding to someone but the lovely forum software turned it into a new thread.

I PM-ed Sansa Fix and asked for an approx eta and have not heard back. I read somewhere that It was expected in the first Quarter, So before June sometime. I had also read aprox 6 months was the common interval for sansa Firmwire

3-4 months is more typical, but the FW that first added Ogg & FLAC took a very long time (6-7 months IIRC).  The FWs before and after that one only took several months.  Also, the Clip was updated fairly frequently before the Ogg & FLAC FW as well.

Sansafix has said “Q1, 2009” which ‘should’ be before March 31, but you never know. Things like this somtimes take longer than expected. They take every precaution to see that they don’t release a buggy update. Besides we just had one in December.