Blasteblank and I can't shut d My Sansa Fuze Driver

I was messing around in the device manager and inadvertantly blasted the driver for my sansa fuze 8GB MP3.  It is now listed as an unknown USB device.  The screen on my player is blank and I can’t shut it off.  I tried to locate the driver and didn’t have any success.  Help 

Hold the On button up for more the 20 seconds, well after the screen goes off.

That should reset the Fuze.

Turn it on and switch to MSC mode (Settings/System Settings/USB Mode) and see if it turns up in My Computer or Computer (XP or Vista).

It should. Disconnect it  and set to MTP mode. Connect. Go to Device Manager and look for yellow triangles with the exclamation point. Uninstall that. Reboot, reconnect, see if it’s recognized.