blank display screen

My grand daughter plugged her Fuze into my iMac to charge the battery on her last visit and it worked well. The display on the player showed the charging process, the computer screen showed a labeled icon for the Fuze, etc. 

On this visit, the battery became seriously powered down and the display went blank before we could plug it in. After being plugged in to the computer for many hours, the display is still blank and the computer shows no icon on the screen. We can get it to play music and scroll through the music files, but we’re flying blind. Any suggestions?

Try holding the power button up for 10 seconds

Then leave it for a day and try again

The soft reset (holding the power button up, in the ON position for 10 seconds, then release) should do the trick.

Remember that not all USB connections are the same- the outboard ones, as on the keyboard, may not suppport the current needed to charge a hungry device.  Perhaps you can try a different USB port.

Bob  :wink: