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I got a Zip Clip for Christmas, and have been enjoying using it. I wanted a small player to use for exercising and to download audio books from the library. 

Something weird has happened, and I can’t find any info. on this.  The picture of a book in the book icon has disappeared!  There is still the title “books” and a square box that has contained pixels, and more recently diagonal stripes.  When I first got the ZC there was a drawing of a book, I believe, in that box.  All of my other icons are fine.

One of the first things that I did was to install the latest version of firmware.  I am not sure if the icon picture disappeared when I did that, or when I did a reset because the ZC froze.  I kinda think the latter.

Any ideas what happened to the book picture?  How I can get it back?  It doesn’t affect the function of the player, but it does kinda bug me.

Just on the off chance it might help, you might try reapplying the firmware again, if you haven’t done so.

No worries, this is a bug in the latest firmware builds.  The “pixel” pattern you see is one of several patterns that the Zip inserts in the album art display if there is no embedded art in the file.

I have noted that the Books section, including Podcasts, will do this when cycling through different modes, or if the power is cycled.  If you open a book file, then hold the back button for three seconds, you will see the embedded art, in the main Books screen.  If you run to Music or another mode, try sweeping past Books, and you’ll notice that the pattern display may have been substituted again.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:


Just to say that I’ve got the same problem in the Music section with firmware 18.

@kidmar wrote:


Just to say that I’ve got the same problem in the Music section with firmware 18.

Do you have any album art loaded with your files? And how? Is your Background Album Art setting on in Settings?


sorry for late answer…

No I have no album art, and background is disabled.

I’ve only got a few mp3s in the player