Black Screen on Video Playback

I’m using a Sandisk Sansa Fuze 4GB player, uploading videos via the Sansa Media Converter version 1.0B004.256CDG from Windows XP/SP2. While the SMC says that the videos have been converted successfully, upon trying to play them, I get a black screen and no sound. Any suggestions?

Try a different video, maybe this one in particular is just not working.

 It’s done this with several videos and several different file types. Mostly it’s WMV and MP4 files. MPGs seem to work OK.

Try to format your Fuze by going on settings and format. Although this will delete everything on your Fuze, you’ll get a fresh start. If you cant format from Fuze player, then go to Rhapsody right-click on your Fuze and click format. Try to upload the videos again.

Sweet!!! That worked!