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My kind a pedal bike!

Very nice to see the old Centurions.  As the market changed in the early 90s, the bikes were getting costly from a manufacturing standpoint.  The Tange CrMo steel frames were excellent, comparable seamlerss tubing to the Columbus SL pipes.  I love the lugged frame, as it’s quite strong.  Centurion’s brazing was very good.

The blue paint on mine is the original 5-step factory application, pretty durable work, in its Miami Vice style hues, light pastel colors.

Between the Tange #1 and #2 frames, you were looking at a very modest difference in weight, about 2 ounces!  I had a #1 frame first, but with a 58cm size, it was twitchy in the sprints.  I settled for the heavier tubes.  The gruppos chosen in the mid to late 80s were good stuff.  I love the Shimano 600 SIS set, and the Dia Compe Royal-S brakes, with their titanium-colored smooth finish, My first ride had the 105 set; I’m glad I stayed with the 600.

A few weeks ago, a cycle mechanic noted something unique:  the rear derailleur has the original Shimano 600 SIS logo on it, a rarity apparently.  I had a difficult search finding replacement downtube shifters, indexed fior six cogs.  Back in the day, everyone moved to the 7 speed later version; those are easier to locate.  I remember when Shimano developed a special adaptor plate set, aluminum, that bolted to the brazed downtube brackets, allowing the conversion to four cables on the handlebars, and brake shifters, which are standard stuff today.

Western States Importers, the parent of Centurion in the US, moved the line to the name Diamondback in those later years, as the mountain bike craze took hold, with those silly straight bars and fat tires.  Those are some cool photos of the other models.  I’d only seen one of the “Italian” versions years ago.  My riding buddy purchased (and still has) the carbon-fiber sheathed aluminum frame model, with the glued aluminum lugs.  Now that is a unique bicycle!  Over the years, he has had several other bikes, but as I discovered a month ago, he still has the Centurion.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Have you checked out the Shimano DI2 kit w/ the electronic shifting? Holy cow it’s like $3000 for the upgrade kit! I think I’ll stick to my 6-speeder.

I have some NOS 6-speed SIS downtube levers if you can’t find them. I’ll send you a set gratis. They’re 105’s, but work fine as 600 replacements. Bought them in bulk on eBay.


Hey, you know anything about motorcycles? I have a Honda Nighthawk 450c that’s been sitting for a few years. I’ll probably have to look up on how to clean out the gunk to get it running again. As you probably figured, I’m not really a gear guy. Bikes, yes. Motorbikes, no.