biggest mistake i've made...

So I saw a fancy little 2gb Sansa Clip player at my local Radio Shack for $50, and just couldn’t pass that up…it looked super groovy, and was a big step up from my generic old 1gb player.

at first i loved it, it worked great, sounded great, looked great, and was just all around good. then after only about two months of having the problems started…and took really good care of it, because $50 is actually a lot of money for me!

when i tried turning up the volume one day, it wouldn’t go. the volume down was still working, but it would not go up. so after figiting with it for a minute the volume was all the way down. great…

i found out after a bit of prodding around inside the device(which wasn’t easy to get in to!) that the little button on the board that controls the up on the volume had broken off…and the way the board is designed is not fixable, even with a good skill in soldering.

so i just held the button onto the contacts on the board and turned the volume up all the way, and bought a little external headphone volume control.

now everything’s fine again. a little inconvenient to have to use something other than the volume adjustment on the unit, but not a complete loss…

but after a few more days something else happened, again totally at random. the battery life shot down drastically!

before i would get a good 12-15 hours out of a charge, which was great…but now for some reason i get only 20-30 minutes, which is just horrible.

i have no idea what the problem is, and i really don’t feel like dealing with it anymore! 

Sorry to hear about that, but:  you know about your product’s warranty, right?  And that if you’re within the first x days of your purchase, you probably could have exchanged the item at the store from which you purchased it, right?  And that you otherwise could have called SanDisk at its tollfree number for a likely easy warranty replacement by mail, right?

Agreed, I think the biggest mistake was taking the thing apart instead of getting a replacement.

Live and learn . . . Not trying to rub salt into the wound here, but sometimes “a lesson learned hard is a lesson learned well!” :wink:

Both these problems were manufacturing-related; the first broken button was faulty hardware. The 2nd issue with the battery is a ‘known’ issue and has been discussed on this forum at length. SanDisk has replaced many, many of these for just that reason.

Sorry to hear that your impatience won out over your common sense. You’ve been a member of this board since 4/24/08. You’re not a ‘newbie’ any more. Next time, check here first. You might save yourself some grief (_ and 50 bucks _)! :angry:

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Except of course he joined on 10/10/08 and has one post. Reading is fundamental…

I would telephone SanDisk customer service and see if a warranty replacement is possible.

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Except of course he joined on 10/10/08 and has one post. Reading is fundamental…

Oops! My reading was fundamentally sound, it was just what I was reading while replying . . . your registered date, summerlove. :smileyvery-happy:

Guess that kind of thing happens when you’ve got multiple windows open with various discussions/replies all going at the same time. Thanks for pointing it out, SL. :wink:

it probably would have been possible to get a replacement had i not opened it up…that generally voids the warranty on anything.

Hey, at least it’s not too costly a mistake to have made.  Try bricking a $1500 control module by forgetting about system voltage (I get the mess after that happens, and folks hide behind shrugged shoulders.)

SanDisk covers the Sansa for one year from the original purchase date.  If you run into any diffficulties, seek advice here, or call 1-866-SANDISK before attempting anything further.

On the bright side, there are some awesome deals on the Clip lately, plus the new 8GB device is coming!!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

     I am sorry to hear about your problems, I really am, but it’s difficult to be sympathetic when I have spent HUNDREDS of dollars on mp3 players in the past. I have gone with a combination of quality AND price, and today I bought two of the 2gb Sansa Clips. A blue one for me, and a red one for my wife.

     Having always gone with mostly Creative before, I am quite dissapointed in the quality for the price. Mp3 players break, and I don’t just mean physically. Mine have crapped out on me on more than one occasion, and it sucks when you are wanting to listen to your favorite podcast or something, and it no longer works. For the price (less than $50 bucks), the 2gb clip is great. It does everything I need it to do. It’s not fancy, doesn’t show photos or album art, play videos or anything like that, but I bought this for what I need an mp3 player for, and that’s to play my tunes, and to play my podcasts…

     Now, having said that, I probably WILL buy a back-up. I am going to go with the XOvision from walmart. At $22 for a 1gb mp3 player, if my sansa ever crashes on me I won’t have to run out and by another one. Check it out. I still think that the 2GB version is affordable, and good quality. Can’t be beat from what I can see.