Big Problum!

Hello I had my Sansa Fuze for 2+ years and I love it. But today I had a very big problum. I was lisinting to music on my Fuze and when I went to change the song The screen was white with a two lines down the side and a big “scratch” mark inside of the fuze scree. One line was blue, the other was yellow. The weird “scratch” was red and black and whn I turned off my Fuze I didn’t see the logo or nothing. Later I got the same screen. I plugged my Fuze into my computer and the same dumb messed up white screen came up. I turned off my Fuze and I saw the lines and the “scatch” mark all black. My fuze never did this before. I was just lisinting to music and two minutes later I went to change the song and that is where I saw the weird screen. This moring everything was perfect. Now everything is messed up.

Please Help I love my Fuze!


No problemo.

Just perform a reset. Hold the spring-loaded power switch in the uppermost position for 15 - 30 seconds. Release, then slide it up momentarily to power it on normally.

Tried that it still has the nasty werid screen.

You might try it for longer, or try this (#6).

There was also someone else who had success with pressing and holding the center button at the same time.

Both way to fix it wont work.

I would Contact Support if what Tapeworm said didnt work