Big problem with 1.01.15 firmware

I use my Fuze a lot for podcasts, particularily those from the BBC. After upgrading the firmware, BBC podcasts now play at the wrong speed, too slow, such that the audio pitch is distorted. A bit like an old record or tape being played at too low a speed. I have checked all my previous downloads of this podcast and all behave the same, but they all used to play fine under the previous firmware.

Is there any way to get back to the old firmware because at the moment my Fuze is next to useless.

 Take another look at your podcast menu.The new firmware comes with the option of playing your podcasts at slow,normal or fast speed. Adjust accordingly.

Found the setting - under audio books, a more pointless feature I have never seen. Even then why did they not have the default setting as normal!


I always played my audiobooks at fast speed.  I find it quite handy.

When I listened to a Podcast on the already firmware-updated Fuze for the 1st time I also had the speed setting set at slow. Maybe those Sansa firmware engineers actually have a sense of humour :):):).

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“engineers…sense of humor”

THAT’S funny.