better golist support

i’d like to be able to add a song to the go list without playing the song

on an e260

im pretty sure thats low on the totem poll buddy, gonna have to keep on wishing.

Speaking of golists: On the clip, I wish I could read the golist with an external program to turn it into a playlist.  Then I could use the golist as a simple playlist editor. Once I got it the way I want it, convert it and start a new one.  Yeah, this is gonna be pretty low, too :)  I’ll read it from a binary file, no big deal, just make it available somewhere in the MSC filesystem view.  If it’s in one of those system files, I can’t find it.

And the playlists support is a bit weak in the first place.  It’d be nice if the format was documented rather than having to do trial and error (sure it’s supposed to be a standard and the Clip pretty much is conforming).  I can’t figure out how to put an entry in a subdir referring bcak up the tree.  “…” doesn’t work.  “mmc:0:\MUSIC…” doesn’t work.  Is there some absolute pathname that WILL work. One of these should! Can’t put playlists in their own directory without this.  I guess that’s my request: make some absolute or relative pathname work for playlists found anywhere in the filesystem and then document it.

BTW, I’m trying to make a simple playlist editor for my clip to run in Linux.  It’s turning out to be harder than it should be.