Best Time To Recharge Battery?

I know this sounds like a sillly question but does anyone know if it’s it’s better to let the Sansa clip drain all the way down before charging? Does it really matter?


The newer Li-Po batteries on these things benefit from frequent top-offs, rather than the ‘deep-cycling’ that the older generation rechargable batteries preferred. In fact, the circuitry with the unit will shut the player down before the battery reserves deplete to an unsafe, or too low of a level.

So charge it whenever you want. It’s OK to fill’er up whenever you have it plugged in to your compuer adding more (or changing) files; just leave it hooked up a little longer.

And no, it wasn’t a silly question.


Best to not let the player drain all the way down, apart from every now-and-again to recalibrate the battery gauge.

Frequent “top-off” charging works just fine with the Sansa.  The device automatically controls charging rate.

A while back, I fell asleep with my laptop computer on, reading late into the night.  The computer had shut down.  My wife discovered the scene, with the dog plopped on my feet, and the cat curled up on the headrest of the couch.

“Whatcha doin?” she asked with a sly grin.

“Aw, calibrating the battery meter, I guess,” I mumbled, rubbing my eyes.  She didn’t understand.

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