Best sync software (2-way for folder of podcasts?)

What are some for doing a two way sync from/with my cip zip and a folder of podcasts on my c:?

The podcasts are NOT in playlists within some other app like itunes or windows media: it’s just a folder of podcasts.

When I delete a podcast on my mp3 player, I want it deleted from the folder on my c:

What’s the best way to do this?

(The windows method which is setup by default with the sansa didn’t reliablly sync back deletes from the player.



There are a lot of freeware syncing programs out there, usable with your Clip.  One that I’ve always liked is Microsoft’s SyncToy.  Some of these may require that your player be set to USB MSC mode, where the Clip simply is seen as a drive with folders by your computer.  Other syncing software, such as Windows Media Player, also will work under the player’s MTP mode.

In the past, I’ve also written simple batch files for transferring files to my Clip, which transfer podcasts from my computer to my player and then delete the podcasts from my computer–all with one simple click of the batch file.

Thanks for the awesome tip!  If I can change a setting on my zip clip and make it be seen as a drive, then syncback and another of tools I already have would work. 

I never thought of that!



PS: I guess the downside is you can’t junk yank it out from the usb plug without risking corruption?  (Need to savely remove?)

To get your player to be seen as a drive, simply go to the USB setting under System Settings and switch to MSC (rather than MTP or Auto) mode.

Note:  best to transfer evrything you want on your Clip under one USB mode and not have a mix, so that your computer will be able to see everything on your Clip at one time (your computer can only see the files that were put on the Clip in the same USB mode that the player then is connected to you computer under).  If need be, to fix things, transfer all your files back to your computer (under each of MSC and MTP modes), delete the content files on your player, and then transfer everything back to the Clip under the USB  mode you’ll be using.

In disconnecting, I always use the Safely Remove Device utility–a good habit to adopt, for safety’s sake, it seems to me.  But at least under some Windows versions, you can turn off USB caching so that the risk of corruption is lessened even if you just yank.  

MS SyncToy is good, there is also this new freeware: WinDataReflector,  it has two way sync and can automate your sync tasks,

You can download it here: WinDataReflector Free File Synchronization