Best anti-ipod idea EVER!!!!!!!

How about we got to this ipod forum site and make accounts and create a post saying ipods ■■■■!!!

That would just be stupid and childish

I’m sure they don’t appreciate trolls there any more than we do here.

Everyone wants to feel they have made the best choice on whatever they buy, whether it be a car, a TV or an mp3 player. People who own I-pods and enjoy them have as much right to feel happy about their decision as you or I do about owning a Sansa.

It’s one thing to poke fun at the ‘pods’ here and put them down good-naturedly, but intentionally going to someone else’s ‘house’ and spouting such drivel is crossing the line, both in maturity and common courtesy.

So just speaking for myself, I think this is probably the ‘worst’ anti-ipod idea ever.