Bent/?broken? female USB connector on my Sansa Fuze

Today I unplugged my Sansa Fuze from the computer, and since the earbuds were still in, it kind of blocked my fingers pushing both buttons to release the cable, so I was rough with it. I got it out, then examined the bottom. The main chip in there was a bit bent, so I bent it back, but when I tried to plug the cord back in, only one side clipped in. Maybe I broke the other side’s clip?

What should I do?


If it’s under warranty, less than a year old, call SanDisk and get it fixed. Otherwise, it’s not worth what it would cost to repair it. Don’t play rough next time.

You could also order extra one to have.  I have 2 extras.  ONe at home, one at work.  I carry one with me for my car or if I’m somewhere else and need it.  I really only use the one at work… The original is the one I carry with me.  I got them real cheap (about $5 each) on amazon.