Before I return the SE I bought today, please answer

    Is there any way to navigate w/ folder and NOT tags?

Thank you in advance.

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There is no way.  The e200 and c200 can with Rockbox.

Thank you for the response.

To Sansa…

This is unacceptable.
Thanks for the waste of effort Sansa.
Never again will I even think of buying.

Back to COWON…I knew it…

A very, very disappointed non-customer.

lol, these post are my favorite. The people that hate SanDisk as if it came to your house and left a bag full of poo. Why people dont research stuff before they buy, ill never know. These would remove any possible buyers remorse and any “effort” you put into buying any companies product. (i dont buy a car without checking the mileage)

personally, I prefer the id3 tag method, and I’m sure all the apple fanatics do too… I mean, if apple is kicking as much butt as it is with its ipod / id3 tag method, it cant be all that bad.

there’s nothing somebody can do with folder method that I cant do with id3 tags. But there’s plenty the folder method cant do. I think being able to switch between the 2 as an option would be better then just going for the folder method. Just my 2 cents.

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SansaRegret1, most newer MP3 players look at the ID3 tags.

I have to agree with Enigma on this one, I lol’d at the posts… I am sorry, seriously, why would you buy something without researching it first? ahh, gotta love people :smiley: