Before buying a Memory Card...

I was wondering which of the following memory card is the ‘right’ one for my 8 gb sansa in terms of compatibility.

I have read some reviews on amazon where some people complain that they recieved ‘class 2’ instead of ‘class 4’ and vice versa.

I don’t know what the ‘class’ has to do with the sansa fuze player, so I was wondering if anyone here can explain to me.

Also, some of the memory cards have ‘HC’ on them, and I don’t know what it means either.

32 gb memory card (micro sd hc)

32 gb memory card (class 4)

32 gb memory card (micro sd)

16 gb memory card (micro sd hc, class 2)

If anyone can explain/answer my questions that would be really great!

The “Class” rating is the guaranteed minimum write speed in megabits/second. It has no affect on playback. It’s really only important on devices like digital cameras thatneed to save large amounts of data quickly.

“HC” stands for High Capacity. Cards below 2 gigabytes are just microSD. Cards from 4GB to 32 GB are microSDHC. All newer (the last 4-5 years, if not longer) expandable Sansa players, the Fuze included, are compatible with all microSD and microSDHC capacities. Cards larger than 32GB are microSDXC (extended/expanded capacity). These are NOT currently compatible with any Sansa players, but few OTHER devices accept them either.

So get microSD (2GB) or microSDHC (4GB-32GB) and don’t worry about class.