Become a SanDisk Memory Zone Beta Tester!

Problem 1. Memory Zone stops and will not play how to video when the notice pops up stating permissions required, Android OS 4.4 has restricted access to the microSD card with link to view how to video, it pops up can’t play video, please try again and when ok button is clicked, the program stops.

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how to report? i am finding many bugs.

Where we will report issues and problems.?

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Great App on playstore SanDisk Memory Zone Beta Tester.

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Great App on playstore SanDisk Memory Zone Beta Tester.

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good app !

but it has some bug but it’s good for now.

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The SanDisk Memory Zone 4.0 app lets you access and even move your files from one place—whether they’re on your phone, a microSD card or the cloud. The app also lets you find files across all your storage locations using geo-tagging or timeline searches.

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